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Three high school students, Eliza Ibarra, Kendra Spade, and Vanna Bardot, are stuck in detention together after being thrown out of a class president debate for bickering too much. Kendra, being all about academia, is convinced she`d make the best class president. However, Eliza, a cheerleader, and Vanna, a theatre kid, are all about becoming class president, too. Alex De La Flor is so captivated by what`s on the screen that she doesn`t see someone lurking in the background of her room. Samantha Hayes, wearing a sexy nurse costume, appears in the doorway and moves to the bed, startling Alex. Samantha remarks that Alex is so boring and that they should be out partying. After Mackenzie Moss lets Veronica Valentine inside, she learns that Veronica wants them to elope. They`ve talked about it in the past, to get away from their families but Mackenzie never really thought Veronica was SERIOUS about it. However, she`s very serious about it and wants them to run away together.
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