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Zoey Carter- Daddy and I went on a road trip so we could have some private time. I convinced him that it would be totally awesome if we found an abandoned building and fuck! We found the bestest place ever and daddy really must have enjoyed himself because he came all inside my pussy filling me with a nice cream pie.Olivia Kasady- Daddy I`ve been trying to get time with you all day. I can`t stop thinking about how good it feels when you explode inside me. I can hardly wait to get you in my mouth and make your cock hard for my wet pussy. Oh daddy, take me from behind and cum inside me please. I`m sure to end up pregnant soon!Mimi Rose- Daddy was bathing the other night and I asked him if there was anything else he needed. He told me to join him. I washed his cock and balls then slid his shaft between my tits. This got daddy pretty turned on so he bent me over the side of the tub and fucked my soapy pussy. It`s so much fun getting dirty in the tub!Jessica Ryan- This sexy older teacher dreams of having a baby of her own, but with no boyfriend she turns her attentions towards a student`s father! During the parent teacher conference, she starts by discussing his son`s academic skills but soon seduces him with her charms... and then he fills her with his!Jessie Sunshine- I see you`re done with all the repairs and I want to thank you for getting here so quick. Let`s get these pants off so I can thank you properly. Have you been imagining me sucking your big cock, you`re already hard. Mmm let me lick and suck your shaft then tease your balls. Thanks for cumming. I needed a mouthful.
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