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Snooping For Dick
While babysitting Alina snooped on her neighbor`s laptop and found pics of his big black cock! He had returned and caught her playing with herself! He whipped out his meat and Alina dropped to her knees, filling her mouth with the biggest cock she ever had the pleasure of gagging on! And soon that cock was pounding her pussy!

Paying Rent With Her Pussy
Hollie found an eviction notice on her door and begged her landlord to come over. When he got there, Hollie was waiting for him in see-through lingerie! She sucked on his gigantic black rod! Her landlord pounded into her tight teen pussy over and over again until he exploded on Hollie`s cute face! Consider her rent paid.

Teasing Her Stepdad
After teasing him all week, Katerina asked her step-dad to put lotion on her. He was hesitant, but she made him a deal - if he could do it without getting hard she would leave him alone! He got hard and Katerina got his big black cock! She sucked and fucked that dick, moaning with pleasure until he finished all over her face!

Kylie`s 18th Birthday
T came over with a birthday cake for Kylie. After awhile, T told Kylie that she had one more candle to blow out - his big black cock! He whipped it out and Kylie instantly dropped to her knees and swallowed his black meat! Then she got her present - her tight snatch pounded into over and over again! Happy birthday Kylie!

Piper`s Prison Pen Pal
Piper`s pen pal gets out of jail and visits her when her parents are gone. He strips Piper down, exploring that little white body with his big, black hands! She rides every inch of that hard, black dick before getting completely manhandled and destroyed by this stud! She begs for his cum and gets his load all over her face!
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