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Vera Bliss: I went out partying the other night and when I stumbled in Daddy was sleeping on the pullout couch. Something inside me snapped and I was suddenly filled with strange desires. I felt like I couldn`t stop myself as I crawled onto the couch with Daddy. Before I knew what was happening I had Daddy`s cock in my tiny hands. I was so enamored I started to suck it and it got so hard. That`s when Daddy woke up and things got really intense. I stripped off my clothes, straddled his cock and started riding him. Daddy was pretty shocked but soon started enjoying himself too. Daddy soon bent me over on the bed and pounded my wet pussy til he exploded deep inside me. I was still pretty tipsy but I knew enough to tell Daddy I`m not on the pill. I hope I don`t wind up pregnant.

Sadie Holmes: Daddy knows how bad I want to get pregnant again and it`s his creampies that I want. When I found out he was cumming in my sister too I got really upset. I went storming into daddy`s room like there was no tomorrow. Daddy was shocked at how aggressive I was being so he let me take control. Within a few seconds his pants were down and his cock was in my mouth. It wasn`t long before he was rock hard and ready to impregnate me. I rode Daddy hard and fast to make myself cum hard then laid on my back. Daddy pounded my pussy until he exploded so hard he filled me up completely. Daddy asked if I was satisfied and all I could say was At least I got it. My sister won`t be getting any for awhile after this I`m sure.

Giselle Roxx: After that first night with Daddy I started having more intense feelings. There were so many things I wanted to do with him just like mommy did. Then my mind went even further, I wanted to get pregnant and have Daddy`s baby. That night mom was working late so I went in to Daddy`s room to make that happen. Daddy was already asleep so I woke him gently. I got him nice and hard in my mouth then started riding his cock hard. I rode Daddy so hard I squirted
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